Meet the characters

Picture of Tara


Hi, I'm Tara. I live with my mum, Meena, my dad, Anil and my grandma, Rupa. I also have a sister called Mira, who is 6.

Picture of Greta Goleska

Mrs Goleska

Hello, I’m Greta. I am 68 and came to live in England from Poland when I was only 3 years old.

Picture of Sue


Hi, I’m Sue. I’m kind and like to help out, especially Mrs Goleska, who lives nearby.

Picture of Leon


Hi I’m Leon. I live with my mum, who is a doctor and my dad, who is a nurse.

Picture of Lily


I’m Lily. I live with my mum, Mary, and my granddad, Bob. I have a twin sister called Milly, who is not identical but looks quite like me.

Picture of Dale and Kyle

Dale and Kyle

Hi, we are Dale and Kyle. We are really good mates as well as brothers. We like to hang out together and play football.

Picture of Debbie Clayton

Debbie Clayton

Hi I’m Debbie. I’m 26 and I take care of my son, Ali and my sister’s son, Roger, who also stays with us.

Picture of Bert and Ada

Bert and Ada

Hello, we are Bert and Ada. We are both retired and we have been married for more than 50 years!

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