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Do the Right Thing book thumbnail image

Do The Right Thing

Lily wants to impress her teacher by bringing something valuable for the school charity auction, but should she ask her mum about that old ring?

Charity Job Week KS1 book thumbnail image

Charity Job Week

Everyone in the street is working hard to raise money for the school charity.

Charity Job Week KS2 book thumbnail image

Charity Job Week

The children at Pride Place Primary are busy fundraising for their favourite charity. I wonder what they will choose to do?

Hero or Zero book thumbnail image

Hero or Zero

When Sue Lee offers to take Mrs Goleska's junk to the charity shop she finds her son's war medal in the bag. But what is it worth, and did she really mean to send it to the second hand shop?

Finders Keepers book thumbnail image

Finders Keepers

Kyle and Dale are brothers, their family doesn't have much money and they are always on the lookout for extra cash. When the boys find a lot of money on the ground, what will they do?

A Fair Day's Pay book thumbnail image

A Fair Day's Pay

Explore all the things that our wages pay for - a look at how we contribute to government spending through tax and other deductions.

Costing the Earth book thumbnail image

Costing the Earth

We meet Debbie and Roger again. As quickly as Debbie can earn money, Roger her nephew, is costing her the earth, wasting money and energy. See if you can help Debbie and Roger to save money by using less energy around the house…

I want it book thumbnail image

I Want It!

Tara loves to go to the shops with her mum. The problem is that everything she sees, she wants. Now Tara is getting older, mum has a surprise for her. A surprise that means Tara will be able to look forward to buying the things she wants with her own money. But what will she choose?

Do you need it? book thumbnail image

Do You Need It?

The Deacon family's TV breaks and they consider getting a loan. Luckily Dale and Kyle do some research.





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